Basic Rivellino Collar

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The BASIC RIVELLINO collar combines strong yet modest contours with a genuine highlight: numerous studs are embedded into the collar which lend it a very unique charm.

The BASIC RIVELLINO collar is made in Germany by HUNTER's experienced specialists. They ensure that every seam is perfect and all of the studs in the collar are securely in place. After all, you should be able to enjoy such a beautiful collar should be able for as long as possible! The premium-quality coating on the split leather also contributes to the collar’s longevity, which, thanks to this coating, is very low-maintenance. Consequently, the BASIC RIVELLINO combines the advantages of leather with a clever coating from which small areas of dirt and moisture can simply be wiped off.

What’s more, the contrasting studs are arranged slightly different on each collar, making every BASIC RIVELLINO collar a unique item!